Robin told his parents that he wanted to kickbox - with one goal in mind - "to become the best in the world".

To facilitate Robin's goal, his father opened up a kickbox school: "Fight Club Den Bosch"

After a couple of minor league matches, it was time to enter the major league of kickboxing. People said "He ain't ready", "Robin wil fail", but Robin and his family kept their faith and stuck to their plan.

The first knock-out match at "Diender" was a tell-tale sign of what was about to happen.

Next in line was the 'Fast and Furious' tournament. Robin, in an underdog role, wins! By a huge margin!

The first match against Chalid Oulad el Hadj resulted in a 2nd round knock-out win for Robin. The second match against Chris Ngimbi, Robin won on points.

In the final he scored a 1st round knock-out victory over none other than Arthur Kyshenko!

Winning this tournament showed that Robin 'Pokerface' van Roosmalen is on a mission....